About Us

National Exports Manpower Consultant Pvt. Ltd was set with the core belief of offering a true customer focused solutions to the need of our clients in the field of providing human resources recruitment from Nepal. What makes us different in unique blend of innovative processes, consistently high levels of service and real passion for our work.

M/s National Exports Manpower Consultant Pvt. Ltd has a unique philosophy which is integral to all our services. We’ve build our business on honesty, integrity, respect for other and always doing what we say we are going to do. National Exports Manpower Consultant customers know what they are going to get and, because we keep our promise, they always get it. A service which is impeccable blends of people and process, one that never let them down.

Our corporate values centre around our customers in all our relationship, integrity in all commitment, uncompromising quality and individual empowerment. These ideals define our reputation today. A provider of Strategic staffing solutions

  • Recruiting a wide range of jobs from engineers to general labours.
  • Offering industry advice from employment law, salary scales and local employment conditions to provide effective employee packages.
  • Providing training in all forms, packages tailored to individual clients.

National Exports Manpower Values

  • Integrity and honesty
  • Always delivering on promises
  • Being solution oriented
  • Having a winning mentality
  • Working in collaborative manner
  • Always having respect for others.

Management Team

Our Business is all about people. Our employees are our true and most valuable asset. Our motivated workforce is our key to success. We firmly believe that valuing our employees and taking care of them are the cornerstones for cultivating a corporate culture of performance and excellence.

Performance excellence, driven by dedication and motivation, is a prerequisite for achieving and exceeding customer satisfaction and meeting future customer demands and needs.

We have most qualified, educated and experience professionals in our organization, through their commitment towards excelling the service; we have been able to sustain this position in this competitive world. We believe in focus, honesty, loyalty, relationship, commitment, performance, conciliation which has brought us key to the door of success.


  • Provide the highest caliber employment services to our customers, job seekers and employers.
  • To provide high quality innovative services that combine high performance with profitable workforce satisfaction, while recruiting successful employees on the needs of our employers and constantly strive to meet the needs and expectation of job seekers by providing right opportunities to work.


  • To provide an integrated service meeting the labour market needs of employers and the employment needs of job seekers.

Quality Policy

  • We are committed to quality and to the processes measurement and continuous improvement which are foundation of quality management.
  • Quality is a basic business principle of National Exports Manpower Consultants.
  • Quality means providing our internal and external customer with innovative services and products that meet or exceed their expectation.